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Compactor plates HW series



The compactors HW series have been planned and realized with the greatest care paying particular attention to the mechanical and hydraulic endurance, in fact all the models of the series are manufactured with wear and tear-proof steels, to be able to guarantee the utmost reliability.


They are all equipped with valves for the adjustment of flow and pressure supplied by the hydraulic plant of the excavator to suit at best the different characteristics of the operating machines. Each model of HW series can be equipped with compactor plates of different dimensions to make it particularly functional and compatible with the different kinds of use. The HW range includes 4 models which can be assembled on excavators from 1,5 to 22 tons and over of weight.


Technical features


Hydraulic plant
(Ipm -  bar max)

Centrifugal force
Shaft revolutions

Excavator weight


HW 200 200 20 - 150 1500 2000 1,5 - 3
Plate dimensions: A 300x500 mm, B 350x500 mm, C 400x500 mm
HW 300 200 40 - 150 3000 2000 2-6
Plate dimensions: A 400x500 mm, B 450x500 mm, C 500x500 mm
HW 400 350 60 - 200 6000 2000 5-12
Plate dimensions: A 650x500 mm, B 650x600 mm, C 650x700 mm, D 650x800 mm
HW 500 650 100 - 150 9000 2000 10 - 22
Plate dimensions: A 650x600 mm, B 650x700 mm, C 650x800 mm, D 650x1000 mm